Atlantic Canada Services

Planning & Analysis

  • Detailed resource analysis using cutting edge forestry tools and technology to support cost-effective and sustainable decision-making
  • Forest management planning
  • Timber supply analysis
  • Road construction/maintenance stewardship
  • Operational planning
  • Harvest/silviculture block layout
  • Prescription implementation

Inventory & Data

  • Innovative Forest Inventories to Support Timber Supply & Operations
  • TreeID & ForestID
  • LiDAR & Imagery Acquisition
  • Data Hosting & Management
  • Landowner specific web maps for ease of access to spatial data, activity planning and operational progress

forest Management

  • Timberland valuations and projections
  • Business management services
  • Preliminary carbon offset project development feasibility

Forest Operations

  • Operational Planning
  • Assessments & Prescriptions
  • Harvest/silviculture block layout
  • Prescription implementation

Wildland Fire

  • Wildfire Risk Management
  • Fire Behaviour Modeling
  • Wildfire Modeling

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