LiDAR: Individual Tree Inventories

Individual tree inventories delineate individual trees in the forest canopy and assign a species, height, and DBH to each tree – which then allows for the direct calculation of tree volumes, log products, and piece sizes. This information can then be used to delineate stands polygons and provide attributes for these polygons (e.g. stems per hectare). Forsite works with Object Raku’s proprietary technology to complete this type of work.

Individual tree inventories are true operational forest inventories that give planners access to detailed cruise-like information across large landscapes. This allows for:

  • Reduced planning costs (faster/more effective office-based planning, and higher confidence in operational planning)
  • Reduced recce costs (know before you go – field work used to finalize)
  • Improved targeting/scheduling of blocks to supply mill demands (know piece size and species %)

LiDAR: Area Based Forest Inventories

Where individual tree inventories are not possible, due to low LiDAR point density, an area (grid cell) based inventory can provide more generalized but excellent inventory information. While this type of inventory cannot provide detailed species or log product information, it can provide:

  • Volume per ha (biomass, gross merch, net merch)
  • Estimates of average stand DBH and height
  • Estimates of density (basal area, stems/ha, crown closure)

Traditional Forest Inventory Updates

Forsite provides innovative and efficient inventory update solutions that help to maintain the lifespan of older inventories.

This includes:

  • Updates for depletions (logging, fire, etc)
  • Insertion of updated young stand attributes
  • Projection/update of stand attributes due to growth

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